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  • Dr.
    Mario A. Spoto

    Dr. Spoto has been in practice for over 30 years in the heart of Downingtown, Pennsylvania. Dr. Spoto is a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic and has received local, state, and national recognition for the ongoing commitment to his profession, patients and community.

    Dr. Spoto's past awards and accomplishments include: Chiropractic Delegate of the Year from the American Chiropractic Association; former President of the Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association; former President of the Downingtown Rotary Club; and board member of the Downingtown-Thorndale Chamber of Commerce, ACA and his local YMCA.  Dr. Spoto has always been active in his local community; currently serving on the board of the Downingtown Library and as a member of the Downingtown-Thorndale Chamber of Commerce. Dr. Spoto also serves as the Master of Ceremonies for Downingtown's Good Neighbor Day each year. 

    He was voted as a leader in chiropractic by The Daily Local News, receiving the Readers Choice Award for 12 years. Dr. Spoto was also named Patient’s Choice Top Doctor of 2011 in the Philly suburb magazine Main Line Today. In 2015, Dr. Spoto was honored as Downingtown's Citizen of the Year!

    My Chiropractic Journey

    My father had been introduced to the wonders of chiropractic when he suffered from a serious sinus infection that his medical doctor recommended sinus surgery for. Being opposed to having surgery, he decided to give a chiropractor a chance to work with his ailments. Several chiropractic treatments later, my father was back to normal and surgery was not needed.

    As a high school athlete, active in several sports, I suffered a shoulder injury similar to a few wrestling teammates. My parents recommended going to a chiropractor they had been using.  My teammates decided to pursue 'conventional' medical protocols at the time for their shoulder injuries and I decided to try chiropractic. I was surprised at how much faster I healed as opposed to my friends with similar injuries.  Knowing that I wanted to make a career out of helping people, I began to think chiropractic would be the way to go. Half way through my senior year, I decided being a doctor of chiropractic would be my career choice.

    With the help of Dr. Michael Anastasi, D.C. who practiced in Newtown Square, I chose Palmer College of Chiropractic because of its high standards as well as the history and experience of being the first chiropractic college in the country. The depth of education in courses such as biochemistry, spinal anatomy, and the dissection labs intrigued me. The technique classes and manual procedures were very helpful in practical application and many professors made a lasting impression on me.  Some of those professors include: Dr. Strang (Anatomy), Dr. Price (Philosophy) and Dr. Diamond, who taught the x-ray courses that I later interned in.

    Personally, I receive chiropractic care a minimum of once a month. I started playing racquetball in college and continue playing to this day twice a week. My nutritional regime includes daily supplementation of Omega 3, Vitamin B complex and Vitamin C. I make a point of drinking plenty of water throughout the day. I also wear Foot Leveler hip stabilizers (orthotics) in all of my shoes.

    Enough about me! How can we help you? Give us a call so we can help you take your first step towards better health. We look forward to meeting you!